Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2 - whoo hoo

I slept in this morning, totally ignored the alarm. I'm actually quite enjoying sleeping in. Have decided to allow myself this luxury for this week only.

But, I have made a deal with myself, if I want to sleep in, I must do my workout of an afternoon - so far its working well.

Food was all on track today, even managed to survive from brekkie to lunch without a snack - and shock horror - I didn't die!

Went to the gym tonight and did the advanced weights workout and smashed out over 500 cals. Was feeling pretty chuffed with my day!

Then I get home and my father in law is here (I will not go into what I think of him and why - its too long of a story). It looks like him and my OH spent the afternoon down at the shed drinking beer.

By the time I got home it was just past 7pm, I was really hoping to be able to sit down and watch the remainder of the live feed. But no, nothing even looks like being prepared for dinner.

And OH wonders why I get the shits. Just once I would like to be able to treat this place like a bloody motel/restaurant.

Maybe I just need to chill out and it is only minor in the big scheme of things, but it pisses me off. There's my rant for the day.

On the plus, I didn't turn to binge eating or alcohol to deal with my feeling, instead my little blog was my friend tonight.

Tomorrows agenda will involve getting up early and dancing my way onto the scales, gym for the advanced Wednesday session, then work, work, work and even more work.

Let see how I go, battle number 1 will be getting up when my alarm goes off!

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