Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 & 4 - feeling great

I finally have a spare moment to update.

Weighed in yesterday morning and I have lost, since Monday, 1.8kg. I stepped on and off a few times, and there is no error, that it what I have lost.

Once again, this reinforces that although I have been exercising, getting my eating right is a major step in my success.

The day went pretty well food wise.

Exercise - none! There were some jobs I need to get done at home before we go away on Friday. Sometimes life gets in the way. I used to feel guilty about not exercising which then lead to binge eating cause that old excuse of 'you haven't exercised today, so why bothering anymore' would pop into my head. I am learning that sometimes thing happen, accept it and move on. Catch the session up another day or work twice as hard tomorrow.

As a trade off, Sunday will not be a rest day for me.

I know we made a commitment to Michelle, and some may say that I am not committed, but by accepting what has happened and moving on, I am getting rid of old habits and not falling off the wagon.

Sometimes I feel we are too hard on ourselves. Life is not going to run to our plan all the time. We need to have mechanisms and mind sets in place to help us deal with these times - and binge eating and junk food do not form part of these.

Worst part of the day - I think I've become a GLEEK! What a great show.

Food is all on track today.

Slowly I am getting used to not eating a snack at morning and afternoon tea. I have found that I was definitely eating to a 'routine' and not because I was hungry. Now I have a drink of water and wait for 20 mins. Having said that, I did have a snack this morning, but I was hungry.

Exercise will be the advanced gym session tonight. Will be burning 500cals + before I leave the gym.

Another discovery this round is with my training.

As I currently weigh 63.6kg, it is really hard for me to burn 500 cals each session. With Monday's advanced outdoors session I only approx 360 cals and I was buggered.

In the previous rounds I would push and push until I clocked up that magic number. If I'd had endless hours in the day or time to have a nap in the afternoon, it would have been ok. But, instead I am usually at work from 8am each day, the gym opens at 6am, most days I work back late (am a part business owner), then there is stuff to do at home (farm), and I managed to 'train' myself into the ground. At times I was absolutely exhausted, but hey hit the magic 500.

This round I am sticking to the training for that day. So if Monday's outdoors session only burns 360 cals for me, so what. I get my cals up for the weights sessions by lifting heavier weights and by moving quickly between exercises and sets. I will be doing Super Saturday. Now, don't ever doubt that I wont be pushing myself, cause I would like to hit the magic 500, instead I will be choosing to be happy with my effort regardless of how many cals I burn. So, to be happy with effort I will be training with integrity.

Can't wait till tomorrow. We are heading to Dubbo (not looking forward to the 7hr drive) but at the other end will be my gorgeous little niece waiting for me. Millie is 2 months old and it will be the first time I get to see her, so I'm a tad excited. It will probably be the easiest trip I've ever done to Dubbo.

Better fly, work calls again

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